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Autor Téma: Jak dostat všecky 3 nové cardbacky za login na PC/Adroidu/iOS  (Přečteno 1081 krát)

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zdroj: https://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/ba24xe/get_all_3_login_cardbacks_iosandroidpc_on_pc/

So as most of you know there are 3 Cardbacks obtainable by logging into the game via an Iphone, Android and PC with the newest Patch.

If you don't however own an Iphone/ Android and want those cardbacks too without using an Emulator, you can simply do the following:

Go to the folder where HS is installed. (For me it was "C:\Program Files (x86)\Hearthstone")

There you will find a file called "client.config", open it up and add

emulateOnDevice = 1
DeviceName = "Android Phone"


emulateOnDevice = 1
DeviceName = "iPhone"

depending on what cardback you are looking for.

If "client.config" doesn't exists, simply create a new .txt file with the lines above and save it as "client.config".

Also if you never played a ranked match on those devices you can still get 1 classic pack each by playing(/winning?) one match for "Android Phone", "iPhone", "iPad" and "Android Tablet".

Hope this helps some of you.

Edit: No idea why it didn't save all the text in the post, woops

Edit 2: Tried out reddit style formatting and works regardless, fixed it in this post nontheless

Edit 3: Make sure your "client.config" actually is a true .config and not a .config.txt when editing

Edit 4: I don't know if you can get the (old) Samsung Galaxy S6 cardback this way. None of the strings i tried worked. If you really do want this cardback plus 3 classic packs as well you'd have to download an Emulator (or own the eligible device).

Edit 5: HUGE THANKS for the Platinum, Gold and Silver guys, that's awesome!
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